Parylene coating (English Language)

Parylene coating is a surface coating using polymers. Through a process that does not create harmful substances under vacuum conditions and room temperature (25 c) therefore does not damage the coated workpiece And can also coat the surface of a variety of materials such as metal, glass, paper, rubber, plastic, ceramic, ferrite and silicon

Parylene coating When coated, it is not an electrical medium and prevents moisture. Popular applications for coating include Electronic circuit boards, medical equipment, coils, electric shockers, pacemakers and other devices

Parylene application

Application of Parylene Coating to parts of various devices Used in medical, military, aerospace, automotive, as well as industrial equipment

Medical device, PCB assembly, Rubber/Silicone, Ferrite/Steel products

Parylene Coating Process

The process of Parylene Coating is due to the vaporization of polymers. Break down into molecules under conditions Which is vacuum controlled and coated in the room temperature (25 c), therefore is an excellent coating
And unlike other coatings That requires heat to bake the workpiece

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Since 2005, Dawn Technologies has partnered with customers in Thailand, China, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore to produce PCBA part, Rubber part, Automotive part and Medical device part.

Which we encourage customers to set up a complete system In the installation of Parylene coating, training management, problem solving and reducing management time In order for customers to understand the work process Proper machine control and maintenance

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